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The 4Roots Farm & Agriculture Center is dedicated to fostering healthier communities in Central Florida through the development of a vibrant and thriving agriculture industry. The 4Roots Farm will engage collaborative philanthropy to create positive changes in education, health, economic growth, and overall community impact while serving as a regional hub for students, teachers, farmers, and other visitors. By partnering with other strong, influential organizations and leaders throughout Central Florida, the 4Roots Farm seeks to educate and train both current and future farmers, increase access to fresh and nutritious produce for all residents, create jobs and new market opportunities to stimulate the local economy, and continue to develop innovative approaches for creating positive impact throughout the community.

Root Goal
Education Inspire students to pursue careers in Florida’s agriculture and food sectors as farmers, business owners, and industry leaders
Health Promote healthier lifestyles throughout Central Florida by building food security and supporting local food production and equitable distribution
Economy Generate a local economic stimulus through investment in Central Florida’s agriculture and food industries to create jobs and develop innovative market opportunities
Community Impact Establish meaningful partnerships to build a sustainable business model that will multiply positive impacts throughout the community

For More Information

For more information, visit the 4R Foundation's 4Roots page